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    [Sandy - Dumpster Diving]

    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Silverpine shook his head, and trotted over to the last dumpster that he hadn't opened yet. Somehow this one had rosepetals scattered all over. Sandy would have a split second to react if he choose to. If not, Silverpine would dutifully open the last dumpster and give a cursory look. Maybe if it was deep enough, his casual glance might miss Sandy...
    Before Sandy could think, he'd already ducked down underneath the far lid, staying as high up to the ceiling as he could.

    Pic reference:

    Silverpine, with his quick glance, wouldn't quite spot the cowering pegasus just yet. There was an odd blue feather or two, almost buried amid the sea of red, but he'd have to give more than a glance to see them. And if he opened the other side, he'd see the pegasus in question for sure.

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    Gearstride couldn't help herself, Silverpine was being so...commanding...no....take charge, it was hot, not that it took much to get her in the mood. "Babe...let's make out, forget Sandy, right here, you, me, our lips, lovingly wrestling for dominance." It totally wouldn't be awkward for the stallion hiding inside the dumpster.
    Sandy shut his eyes tight, shaking his head and mouthing No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no...

    [Garion - The Grill]

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    Gwynfillion slightly flinched at the sudden leg grab, if mostly because Garion was a little mashed tatter'd up and getting it on her leg. "Yes Garion, of course I'll be back, it'll just be a couple of days....but uh...you'll have Grandma Chilly?"
    Quote Originally Posted by Orzel View Post
    Grills frowned. He felt like he was abandoning the foal. But time afar with his fillyfriend is something he wished for. "Yes. We'll be back before you know it. With gifts too."

    "Yes we will have tons of fun. We will bake cookies, and sing songs. Or and you get to play with Peppercorn. And Sugar since somepony has to mind Grills' pet." Chilly tried a grin and happy face to calm Garion. She, a mother of seven, knew the signs of a panicky foal. Chilly didn't say anything but Grills knew the mare was frowning at him with her mind.
    Garion's lower lip started to tremble. Baking, playing with Peppercorn, watching Sugar, that all sounded like a lot of fun, but...but Miss Gwyn and Mister Grills both gone away. And for days, not just one night. A night he could sort of do, but this? "H-how many days are a couple?" he asked, voice wavering as he hugged her leg even tighter.
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