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[Sandy - Dumpster Diving]
Before Sandy could think, he'd already ducked down underneath the far lid, staying as high up to the ceiling as he could.

Pic reference:

Silverpine, with his quick glance, wouldn't quite spot the cowering pegasus just yet. There was an odd blue feather or two, almost buried amid the sea of red, but he'd have to give more than a glance to see them. And if he opened the other side, he'd see the pegasus in question for sure.

Sandy shut his eyes tight, shaking his head and mouthing No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no...
Silverpine paused in his inspection of the dumpster, his common sense warring with his new and emboldened recently rediscovered love for HPKs. He chewed on his lips nervously. "Gear... shouldn't be be... um... looking for Sandy?" he said. Gear would probably coax him into going along anyway with a little effort on his part.