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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    [Garion - The Grill]

    Garion's lower lip started to tremble. Baking, playing with Peppercorn, watching Sugar, that all sounded like a lot of fun, but...but Miss Gwyn and Mister Grills both gone away. And for days, not just one night. A night he could sort of do, but this? "H-how many days are a couple?" he asked, voice wavering as he hugged her leg even tighter.

    Gwynfillion looked to Grills for help. "How many nights did you book the hotel room for?"

    Quote Originally Posted by Grif View Post
    Silverpine paused in his inspection of the dumpster, his common sense warring with his new and emboldened recently rediscovered love for HPKs. He chewed on his lips nervously. "Gear... shouldn't we be... um... looking for Sandy?" he said. Gear would probably coax him into going along anyway with a little effort on his part.

    "Yea...maybe...but...kisses.....good for the spirits?"
    She cheesily grinned and then pushed herself against him and kissed his muzzle. "We never made out on top of a dumpster...we could mark it off our HPK bingo game." Cuz it's soooooo romantic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mystic Muse View Post
    "Well, I like music, though probably nothing you'd like. I like alchemy, chemistry, and just science in general though I imagine you're not interested in that either. I also like gardening. " and that was the extent of what she remembered Smoothie liking from when she used to be friends. Time to BS her way through the rest of it, or throw her own interests in. "I enjoy fashion and looking good a bit, kinda wish I was slightly more curvy. I also like, as you called them "Nerd Hobbies." she says with an amused look and she drank a little of her soda. "I also like a good prank." yeah, that last one would be an obvious tip-off if Spark didn't have the lowest Sense Motive check since Snips and Snails.

    "Pranks? Really? Didn't see you taking after your sister's thing. Is this a secret hobby?"
    Spark leaned forward and playfully teased.
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