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Greif's Cafe

The griffin politely shakes her hoof, and smiles. "Pleasure to meet you, Miss Foxglove."

Greif then unfolds a wing, and gestures with it towards the large dumpster set up next to the store. "I tossed a couple of pretty big boxes in there. Refrigerator boxes, specifically, plus a few smaller appliance boxes."

"Perfect!" Snickers beams. "And do you have a dolly?"

"Nah, I'm single," Greif replies casually, before grinning. "Who's asking?"


"Hah! That was a joke," he smirks. "But yeah, I got a little dolly you might can use. Hey, you think in exchange, you could help me out with something real quick?"

"Sure," Snickers grins. "Seems fair. What do you need help with?"

Greif raises a talon and points up at the cafe. "I need to hang up a banner to show that the place is open. You're a pegasus, so you'd be perfect to help me out."

Snickers nods cheerfully. "Yeah, no problem." He then looks over to Foxglove and asks her: "Do you want to stay and watch, or do you want to go ahead and take the boxes on back to the bakery?"

Greif scurries back inside the cafe.
"He hasn't given us the boxes, so I'll stay for now."

This was true. There was a distinct lack of box.