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    My question is, how is Thieves' Cant more restrictive than a wizard's spellbook and method of preparation? Or a warlocks pacts? Or a sorcerer's bloodline? Or a Fighter's combat training? Or a Cleric's domain?
    In order for you to have a character with Thieves' Cant which makes sense, these things need to be true;

    - You've grown up in a literate, relatively civilized society.

    - Within this society, there is a significantly large criminal underworld, which all criminals are intimately familiar with.

    - Your character has to have been intimately familiar with the slang of this criminal underworld.

    - It is impossible for any other class to reach your level of familiarity with the slang of this criminal underworld.

    Now here are the restrictions that the mechanics of a Fighter puts on me;

    - You are skilled with weapons.

    These are not comparable restrictions. A Fighter puts almost no restrictions on my character; a Rogue puts many, many restrictions on my character.
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