I think you're looking at the way I do things backwards.

I didn't have a role for a cleric of Loki, then have to choose whether to use a new unnamed character or go back and use an established one. I had a role for a new unnamed cleric, and then had to pick what god he worshipped. There's really only one god of the Northern (Norse) pantheon appropriate to a church working with a thieves' guild in a crime-dominated city, so it became Loki.

No connection was ever intended with any previous clerics of the same god; in fact, I didn't even think about Hilgya until the strips came out and people started speculating. If I had thought of the connection beforehand, the result would have been that I would have changed what god the new unnamed cleric worshipped (though I have no idea what I would have used instead), not that I would have mentioned or used Hilgya.