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You may find that posting pictures where putting on women's clothing is seen as gayish here is not the wisest career-move.
There was no such intent. Just excuse regardless of wrongness to have one dressed as a female classic ballet dancer, as I think that kind of skirt in one of them looks more ridiculous than both dressed as male classic ballet dancers. And the only thing I could (or that ocurred to me at the moment) draw to make clear they were dressed as classic ballet dancers was a skirt, as the change of drawing to the legs to the one at the right would likely not be seen right.

(Now, I'm not American so I'm unaware of possible implications of the affirmation of "gays wear women clothes". Here that's not something one considers true, but has no other connotation. Maybe reminding one of Miguel Bosť and the skirts he wore as affirmation of his homosexuality, and encouragement of its acceptability, at the end of the eighties and start of the nineties)