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Sandy burst out of the dumpster, his short-cut mane flowing in a dramatic swirl of rose petals. The two hovering, smooching ponies would get bumped aside by the lid, but not enough to throw them any great distance. The poor stallion flopped over the side of the dumpster, gasping for breath and holding his hooves over his assaulted ears. "Mercy! Uncle! I give! I surrender! No more! You win! Just...just stop th' smooches, for th' love of th' sun an' moon, make it stop!" Steam poured out of his ears, and his cheeks were flushed so red they might've been glowing.
He was immediately pounced by a certain little unicorn.

"Sandy, you rogue!" Night Jewel said cheerfully. "I never thought I'd see you be so sneaky and dishonest. You really surprised me."