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For many of those concepts, you have to ignore/refluff the 3.5 Rogue class.
Not really; the 3.5 PHB didn't really give much at all in the way of fluff, and didn't tie you to a criminal background.

My PDF software is being funky today, but once I can open it up I'll edit a quote from it in here.

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Why can't you refluff Thieves' Chant, then?
Because there isn't a logical way to explain why all Rogues know the same language which no-one else can learn. Even with Druidic you can hand-wave it as part of how they commune with nature, that anyone who knows it is so deep in their philosophy to be a Druid themselves.

But what kind of universal connection is there between stealthy people who kill people with precision attacks? Obviously not crime, that makes no sense for a huge portion of the characters who have those abilities. The skills are commonplace, and simple enough to be re-discovered several times, so it likely isn't some secret rogue dojo somewhere. They aren't magic, so there's no room for that kind of a hand-wave.