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"He hasn't given us the boxes, so I'll stay for now."

This was true. There was a distinct lack of box.
Greif's Cafe

Greif returns from inside the store, a large red banner folded up in his talons. Hearing Foxglove's response, he uses a wing to gesture at the dumpster. "Oh, well, you're welcome to take them. I figured you'd just levitate them out. I can get them for you in a sec, though. Hey Snickerdoodle, gimme a hoof real quick, please."

"No problem. Oh, and you can call me Snickers," Snickers replies, hovering over to grab part of the banner.

"Alrighty, Snickers," the griffin grinned. The two winged creatures proceeded to fly up, unfurl the banner, and hang it up over the entrance. The banner was a large red field with "NOW OPEN" written in bold, gold lettering. "Thanks. That ought to send the message. Now then..."

The griffin proceeded to hover over to the dumpster, and toss the large fridge boxes out onto the ground nearby. "Here ya go!" he exclaimed cheerfully. "Anything else I can help you folks with?"