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Where are you from, Aurenthal? ()

Thinking now of Costa Rica, I remembered that a lot of people have totally the wrong idea about what cities are like in Mexico. I've had people ASTOUNDED that I know what a supermarket is, and that people here travel in cars and that we have big buildings and malls and a lot of the products sold in the US. Heck, they were surprised I had INTERNET, and not dial-up and that I don't have to travel to the US to get a computer or laptop.

Somehow people thought it's all just like the "pueblos" they see in Hollywood movies. They thought it's just a bunch of old little houses, with dirt roads and that people travel by donkey or horse. And the internet is all, at best, dial-up...

Has anyone else come across these stereotypes?
Luckily, in Cuernavaca, we have so many american tourists... wait, let me rephrase that. We have so many tourists, that it's not frequent for me to see such stereotypes.

Though, admittedly, I've seen a few who wonder why I'm a white-skinned boy with long-ish hair, glasses, and jeans, instead of their original idea that I was a dark-skinned boy with short hair, moustache, a poncho and sombrero, and sleeping under a cactus or something.