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    Default Re: Humans, Dwarves and Jotun, oh my! [Ymaggion Races, PEACH]

    Whoops! The intention was that dwarves get a standard +2 to Strength, due to being compactly built for physical power, hence also being Small with Powerful Build.

    Thanks for spotting that and I'm glad you like them. I intend to put up fluff soon. Giants will likely not be otherwise common in my setting, though Jotun might get a PrC that increases their size.

    Now it's just time to stat up the remaining races.

    And yep, that they do! I dug through my Homebrew Tier Compendium to find some fitting ones, and that one seemed to fit for them. I'm not sure what I'll do with favoured classes, but I have some very minor ideas.
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