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    The inn keeper approached me again. He didn't look happy. I guess I can relate and understand, after all the brownish drink that touches my lips is warm tea not the brutish ale served in this local. He looked a bit surprised when I asked for warm water and the surprise switched to slight disgust when I poured the aromatic herbs in the drink and spooned them to perfection.

    I left the warm mug in the table and looked back at the inn keeper.

    -May I have a piece of paper or parchment?

    As the man raises his hands to the head with an exasperated look and leaves to fetch me the parchment I prepare one small piece of charcoal and adjust my ears to follow the words of the drunken skald, maybe I might find something useful in his words and stories.

    Out of myself I start writing down the words that I am able to understand and drink some of my tea from time to time.
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