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    While the town's population goes to work fixing up the wreck of the inn, Amon returns to the group. "Houshi, come here, ya big palooka - crouch down so I can reach your wounds. Look at you, I think she broke your jaw, hold still while we fix you up, okay? Speaking of, we won't be able to sleep our wounds off I think, so everyone line up to receive healing once I'm done with our friendly giant here." She seems to slap him with the healing technique. "You had me worried back there, kid..." she whispers to Houshi as she begins healing. "You be sure to thank Yukiko for taking those hits for your crazy ass when she wakes up, got it?"

    If Houshi stays still, Amon uses Healing First Rank to heal him over the course of 25 rounds at the cost of 2 chakra
    Initial damage healed (1d4+1)[5]
    Then over the next 5 round increments, 1. (1d4+1)[5] HP, 2. (1d4+1)[3] HP, 3. (1d4+1)[4] HP, and 4. (1d4+1)[5] HP
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