[Sandy - Dumpster Diving]

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"Ooomph!....Ow...I think you bit my tongue," Gearstride yelped as she and Silverpine kinda just sproinged into the air for a second and fell unceremoniously on the ground after Sandy burst out.

Gearstride laid pinned underneath Silverpine slightly derped, tongue lolled out. "I think...hauh...we just found Sandy....bluh........"
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"Gyah!" Silverpine yelled in surprise, falling heavily and pinning Gear on the ground. His eyes derped slightly as the world spun around him. "... Sandy... is that you...?" he asked woozily. Sandy might realise that he was actually in a very good position to escape.
Sandy blinked, and hesitantly uncovered his ears. The...the infernal sound. It'd stopped. He glanced over, seeing his friends still picking themselves up. The other way out of the alley was clear. Maybe he could still get out of-

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He was immediately pounced by a certain little unicorn.

"Sandy, you rogue!" Night Jewel said cheerfully. "I never thought I'd see you be so sneaky and dishonest. You really surprised me."
"Hwoof!" Night Jewel's tackle-pounce-glomp tipped the unfortunate stallion right out of the dumpster, landing on the ground with the foal on top of him. Her "congratulations" did little to improve his mood. As she went on, his ears drooped and he dropped his eyes to the ground, not wanting to look at the friends he'd nearly tricked. "Y-yeah. Hooray for me an' all that."

Well, the game was up, and now he just felt like manure for the whole thing. "S...sorry I ran. An' hid. An' made th' fake trail." he offered weakly.

[Garion - Colt Conundrum]

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"Umm...err.. okay. One night. We will go to Manehattan for only... one night."

Chilly smiled. She had a plan. Like many mothers, she aimed something for Grills and Gwynfillion's direction. It was a same kind than Fire Flower but a different combination and it involved Garion.
the mare saw sweetness in that colt. In the curve of his smile and the shine in his eyes were obvious. The hid something she did not know about but hinted itself.
She planned that there will be three together no longer that a fortnight.
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Urgh....one night...they would have to wake up early to catch the train early, unless Grills had another faster method of transport. Gwynfillion put on a smile and glanced at Garion, the colt cling to her leg. "You hear that Garion?......One.......night." Gosh darnit.
(Welp. Safe to say I have no idea what that mini-paragraph with Chilly means, but it doesn't matter too much right now. )

It was like flipping a switch. One moment, Garion seemed on the verge of tears, the next he was his old perky self, giving Miss Gwyn a loving nuzzle. "Just one night? I can do one night easy. I already did one night last night, right? I can do it again." Garion chuckled to himself; why didn't they just say that in the first place? Would've saved them a lot of trouble. Miss Gwyn was a silly pony sometimes.