Sitting at a table in a dark corner, A young man sits, his features covered by a dark hood attached to his cloak, which he did not take off upon entering the room, as many of the patrons did. His eyes seem to track the movement of a few others, and ignore the rest as beneath his concern. The ones that seem to attract his eyes are a pair of elf females, sitting near each other at the bar. A pair of mages, and a man in armor also get some of his attention. The man in armor almost seems to notice the quiet man, but not quite.

All have powerful magic, but why here? I wonder if they have a plan? Are they after something? Or they just another group of marks.

As he ponders the strangers, the barmaid passes near him with drinks for another table. Bill takes one of the drinks, and starts drinking. The barmaid seems not to notice, so he goes back to watching.