With another swig of the drink, Axile takes a look around. There were a few people of interest around, especially mages. He thought about going up to them, but for the moment, saw no reason to do so. None of them compared to his master, nor his old self.

His scar started to thob again. It had been restless the past couple of days. What for, he didn't know. Perhaps something was going to happen here. It was by this clue only that he stayed here. But he was getting restless, he needed to get stronger!

He leaves a small tip at the table and walks outside. The cold air stings his face, but it felt good to breath fresh air. He stares up at the sky as he sits down on the ground, leaning up against on of the walls and reflecting upon his master. He only stays outside for a few minutes, however, before heading back inside and sitting as close as he can to the fire-lit dragon skull.

'Perhaps I should start gathering info, or at least find a training partner.' He thinks to himself. One in particular he notices in the corner, wearing a hood and seeming to observe everyone else. But for now he just observes, and enjoys the comforts of the heat.