Yousuke scowled viciously, irritated with yet another failure on his part. Every time it felt as if he was becoming stronger, reality reared its head and slammed him back down to humility. They had been 'victorious' at pushing back their opponent but they had clearly been defeated in virtually every other aspect of the mission. Not only had they been unable to contain their prisoner, they had been forced to comply to a hostage situation by the mysterious missing nin, to think nothing of the potential response from Suna. One of their number was on the verge of death and the others were currently fighting at half capacity. He was the only uninjured genin currently on the mission and possibly the only one capable of fighting at full capacity and for that reason he could not comply with Amon's request.

"I will not leave either team alone until Cybele-sensei returns. Two of our number were very nearly killed today while I was off foolishly wasting time."

Because of his foolish pride he had nearly gotten into a fight with swordsman from Suna and delayed their arrival at the scene of the fight. Were it not for him, they would have been able to offer their support at the onset of the battle, rather than help to clean up after it had been mostly decided.

Somewhere in the back of his mind he knew that his presence would not have made a significant difference, but had he actually been present, could he have prevented Yukiko's savage beating? Thinking otherwise hurt too much to believe. He was yet unworthy of bearing the Konpaku name, and this failure of a mission only served to illustrate his weakness.

"I will stand guard over her, you should heal out 'allies' for now and check on any injured villagers." Yousuke sympathized with the Suna team; he knew how much it hurt to be abandoned. And how would Yukiko take the news of her sensei's betrayal?

Yousuke sits on the ground near Yukiko with his sword on his lap. They would not be claiming the girl's life while he still drew breath. He would not permit another failure this night. When they returned to Soragakure he would need to restart his training in earnest. He had been too negligent in his training and if he could be thankful for anything on this mission, it was that it had opened his eyes to the realities of his own inadequacy. The amalgamated sword style he had now was not enough anymore. They required integration into the Konpaku school, but for that he needed to convince his grandfather to kick up his training schedule.

If his grandfather would not teach him the secrets of the Konpaku style, he would have to figure them out himself.