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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    Sandy sighed in frustration and rubbed at his head. Luna darn it, when did his day go so weird? "No, no, I should've said somethin' a bit earlier." The decision had been made for him; he was going to have to talk this one out after all. The little stallion bit his lip, not really looking any of them in the eye and fidgeting nervously with his forehooves. "L-look, I-I just don't really think I need a...a fillyfriend, alright? I-I'm perfectly happy without one. Don't need no special somepony t'cheer me up." Thank the sun and moon that wasn't in the form of a question; the last thing he needed was that stupid magic ruining everything again.
    [dunt fergat the garion stuff ;D]

    "But...but..HPKs....err...a nice hoof to hold....montage sequence....hijinks..."
    Gearstride frowned and began to woe. HPKs, serious business.
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