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    "Maybe you don't talk enough, Houshi," is all Amon says in response. She strains herself reaching up to pat his shoulder before he runs after the bald one. "I'll be here if you need me, okay?"

    At Yousuke's talk of watching over Yukiko, Amon hesitantly nods. "Okay, fine. Just try and have an upbeat bedside manner, okay?" Before he makes off though, she makes sure to swipe at him in turn, keeping him for a second. "It would have been impossible for you to arrive any sooner, I assure you. My lightning signalled the start of that battle, your response time could only ever have been so fast. All the craziness that ensued was my fault for not rallying your presence first." After that, she releases him. And despite my own advice, I'm still here blaming myself. "Go to where you feel needed, Konpaku-san."

    Before Cybele's reappearance, Amon looks over the populace. "Is there anyone in need of a medic?" she asks simply.

    Times like this I wish I had taken Forensics feat. I don't suppose you'd let me make a treat injury check to see if I detect anything about the bodies for old times sake, would you?

    As Cybele draws closer, Amon is taken aback by the suddenness of it. "S-sensei? But no, sensei had the nggh and the aaah and the..." as she makes vague reference to her female persuasions, Amon gropes or strokes at the air somewhat inappropriately in example. For a split second it seems like she's about to CRY, tears and all as she unflatteringly wells up - ne'er shall the world see such magnificent legs and breasts again, nay! What's the point of it all when the sexiest among us lose our mojo...

    At Cybele's question about Yukiko's health, Amon snaps back - brushing off the delirium that tends to come to her after a fight. When Cybele gets within ten feet, Amon steps back to maintain that distance. "Yeah, she's fine," she says, her heart beating. "Right now your appearance is clouding my thoughts - is that a conscious manipulation of my perception to throw me off, sensei?" She keeps stepping back, striking a defensive stance as she pulls her blowgun up to her lips, brandishing it at young Cybele. "Wouldn't you like to know what's in this?" she says as she points.

    hint: the blowgun is totally empty. If cybele is perceptive enough, she might see or guess that; after all, Amon wouldn't keep a tube loaded with a poison injector when it spends most of the time dangling around her neck, after all. She already doesn't have the biggest chest, the last thing she needs is poison in there if she trips on a rock while walking.

    "Cybele," Amon says, trying to seem intimidating - trying not to stutter, though likely forgetting to stop her knees from shaking. "How deep in are you? Or how deep in were you, rather. I have a hunch as to what their organisation is, and there isn't a thing I know about you that doesn't meet their recruitment criteria. Your personal wronging of Hinami isn't something on the books, is it? What do you know of them? Where would they go?" Her chest heaves in stress against her poncho and bandolier as she hopes Cybele doesn't just snap and kill her there for confronting her in this way. "They've run off and you're the only possible lead back I've identified, so..." she says as if trying to apologise in the eleventh hour, though hardly waivers in brandishing the empty blowgun, trying so hard to not tak her eyes from Cybele for even a second.
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