The bartender meanders over to the softly weeping elf drowning her sorrows from the other after begrudgingly sliding her a sheet of parchment and marking down something himself on his own notes.
He Presents the snow-haired woman with a half a loaf of stale bread and some warm chicken broth in addition to a fourth mug of thin ale. Deciding not to trouble her with the growing bill at the moment he simply retrieves the empty glass and goes about wiping it out.

The stillness of the night is broken by a small party of travelers moving in the opposite direction of the wandering gnome. four of the five humanoid figures look much like one would expect: Bundled in heavy fur coats, thick hats, and treated leather boots. The fifth is almost surreal among the snowfall, a slim roughly five and a half foot tall woman bound head to toe in broad white linen cloth save for her eyes and a single, lower-back length black ponytail. A belt at her waist holding a thin, semi-transparent veil in place over the upper half of her legs serves as the only other clothing apparent. And beyond that the only apparent equipment is a golden choker about her neck and a curved scabbard upon her belt, a jeweled ivory hilt escaping from its open end.

The party proceeds past the gnome with almost unearthly silence considering the crunching of his own boots against the fresh fallen snow.