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Gwynfillion patted the little colt who needed another bath. 'I'm sure you can." At the moment, she was confused by Chilly and Grills, just a little bit. But darn, one night, curses.
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Grandma Chilly and Mister Grills were acting weird, but then again, all ponies were weird sometimes. A little weird never hurt nopony. Garion shook his head at his other caretaker. "I didn't take anything for the last sleepover, I don't think I'd need anything for this one. Oh! Unless Sugar's coming too, then she'll need her bowl and other doggy things."
"Yeah. I'll send Sugar too." Grills floated a toque onto his head. His nose and horn flared as he grabbed control of some forks. One night, he had to cook away three disappointment. "Gwynfillion, maybe you should go home and give a certain somepony a bath."