The sand ninja scoffs at Houshi's question. "Of course I'm a tracker. I learned it in case exactly this happens to Sojuro. And I'm a damn good one too. Those two were running too fast to cover their tracks, and I need to find them."


The now teenage jounin seems confused for a moment, then looks down at herself. She sighs, then shakes her head and just waves the entire issue away. She further ignores Amon's threat, because both ninja know the genin could only hit Cybele if she wanted to be hit.

"If I were your enemy, I would have killed you without you ever knowing I was there. And I won't tell you where they are, but I'll explain why and who when I return."

Cybele hands Amon a small scroll. The thin tube bears the intricate web of seals from some kind of sealing technique, and the kanji for "Snake God" on the top of it. "I tracked them somewhere nearby. I'm going to go kill them. Stay here, and don't get involved. Wait for one hour, then head back to Soragakure if I don't return. Give this to Sune."

Cybele impresses the seriousness of the situation on Amon again. "One hour. No more. Bring the sand ninja if need be, but save yourselves first and foremost. Am I understood?"