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    From the scaffold, Isma motioned to the nearest guard who was standing below her at ground level.

    "Quickly, run inside and find a few keen-eyed servants or stablehands to watch the back gate," she instructed. "Tell them to stay out of the fight, but to give warning should they see the enemy approaching from the rear. Send the fastest runner with them—tell him to leave by the back gate and bring back as many guards loyal to my father as he can. Then prepare to fight."

    With that, she turned back to watch for the approaching enemy.

    By initiative you mean the one for (partial) surprise attacks, and not the Basic Move that normally decides combat order, right?

    Initiative: (1d6+3)[4]

    +2 for my Combat Reflexes, and +1 for having a point in the Tactics skill. I also might have an extra +1 if I have a higher IQ than the army officer?
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