I'm playing your monk, and at 8th level (it's gestalt with a psion egoist though), and have 16 Dex and Wis, and a monks belt. I can attack with +15/+10, or +14/+14/+9, without being hastened, for 3d6+7 HP. He kicks ass against mooks, but usually almost dies against bosses since he has the lowest AC of our two meleers at 26 (19 before using Inertial Armor) and 61 health. I will say that I haven't caused an AoO the entire game, have jumped up onto a 12' high ledge, and will try to grapple anything that's even remotely my size.

I think that the monk is designed as a crowd clearer - It's someone capable of rounding up all the mooks and disposing of them while the others work on the boss.

our game is also a strange mix of over and underpowered. I know I didn't optimize, and I don't think the others did, but it's gestalt, with a free +1 template, and the DM has been throwing us a bit more than WBL.