"Who is Sune?" Amon finally releases her blowgun, letting it swing to and fro as it dangles as she hesitantly takes the scroll from Cybele. "Very well.... but do try and make it back, okay? I don't think I need to tell you to not get in over your head. While we're exchanging packages, here." She fiddles with the brooch binding her poncho, throwing down the fabric to reveal her well-stocked bandolier of poisons hanging over her dungarees. Her upper body is pretty lithe, one may now see - that same flatness one generally sees on ballet dancers, quite possibly related to Amon's dexterity. She indicates to some of the nastier poisons. "I stole these from the hospital yesterday - they were in stock to be synthesised into antidotes. They're pretty deadly. Take your pick and show them what for."

If Cybele doesn't have an interest in any particular equipment offered, Amon produces two droughts of Hachidoku, shoving them into the now teen-Jounin's chest to force her to accept them. It ISN'T just a visual illusion... they're gone - no, focus, Amon, you're trying to seem reverent here. "Come on. If I can't be there to help you out then at least let me help you now. Try and come back alive. If you do have any information, you're worth a lot more to us alive than dead. Come to think of it, so are they, right? An organisation of powerful missing-nin with Yusa in its leadership - kind of too big a deal for us to just kill those two and call it a day, right? I'm not oblivious...Cybele-sensei." She pauses,thinking. "You got hurt back there. Are you sure you don't need me to heal you first?" She holds up the scroll she was given, securing it in her toolbelt. "Can I read this by the way? I'm curious. And if you dont' want anyone else getting involved you may want to get going before anyone else here grows a pair of eyes - a criticism I should never have to levy against anyone else." She nods once more. "I was going to head back to the village shortly enough anyway. Yoru plan sounds good enough. Do you really think it would take you a full hour to find your chance to swoop in and head back here?"

If Cybele makes to leave without healing or further conversation

Amon gives a deep breath, trying to form something sentimental; it flows quite naturally from her mouth as she starts to say it, really although it is hardly comforting: "...I trust you sensei. Even though part of me tells me I shouldn't. Please prove that part wrong."