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Thread: Team Cybele: The Hare and the Snake

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    The sky jounin shakes her head when offered poisons. Not that she didn't need them, but they'd take too long to apply and she couldn't do it on the run. Cybele doesn't make any effort to stop Amon from touching her, but she still refuses to take the poisons.

    "You can try to read it, but it's coded. Only Sune would know the cipher." She ignores the questions about her health, and her plan. Whether intentionally or not is up in the air. "One hour. I can't stress that enough. If they win, then they might come here to finish the job. Don't be here if they do."

    Amon needs a Will Save.


    The sand ninja grumbles at Houshi. "Y-You're right. I can't fight them. But damnit, I need to do something. I need to set up some way to get revenge. I... I can't let it go otherwise!"
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