Inwardly he scoffed at Amon's forgiveness. At least she had done some good by healing the allies and alerting him to the presence of the missing nin. She had done all that she could, more than he could say for himself. However, he decided to humor her for now, "...I will keep that in mind...thank you."

Finally released by Amon, Yousuke glances at Sojuro, curious of the boy's connection to the unconscious girl. Were they siblings of a sort? Or perhaps they were in a relationship together? Either way, the genin was probably feeling even worse than he did, given that he was unable to protect his own teammate. Feeling somewhat charitable, Yousuke spoke to him in an attempt to alleviate the boy's guilt.

"If there anybody here to blame it is me; I should have been strong enough for both teams but instead I was found to be lacking."

It hurt to admit but it was sadly true. He could not hope to defeat his mother with his current level of skill. She was a trueborn Konpaku who had been training years to learn and master the family style. And he was her son, and despite his better efforts he was still leagues away from bridging their gap. With his admission said and done Yousuke returned to guarding Yukiko.


Shocked as he was by Cybele's sudden appearance, he found that his surprise was somewhat muted at this point. Weird happenstance seemed to be par for the course where their sensei was involved. "Give me the scroll sensei. I will transfer it to the possession of your sister without fail."