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    Amon becomes oddly intoxicated with her sensei's chakra during that one moment of contact. Even as she pockets her poisons, she hesitates to take her hand away. A dangeous aura is in her, a sense of a ledge... yet Amon is nothing if not a thrillseeker in her heart of hearts.

    It's as Amon takes her hands away from her less than casual contact with her sensei's chest that she becomes aware of the feel Cybele' outer being, piercing the thin illusion with her medical knowledge as her eyes widen. A Genjutsu used in such a way, why? "Sensei... I know you're hurt. Are you really going to try and kill anyone? I'm not stupid enough to not know when you're dodging a question. You're in no state to fight, you're resigned to not coming back, and you didn't even think of a good enough lie as to why we should get going. if they were going to come kill us after they're done with you, it would be immediate - and if you plan on arriving there at the pace you say, that you wouldn't even have a quiet moment your stealth should grant you to apply my poisons, I imagine they would be back here in less than ten minutes after you left."

    An hour. What happens in an hour? All manner of unflattering accusations about Cybele's allegiance some rushing back to Amon as she wishes she was a better judge of character, but she quells such thoughts for a moment. "Hold still, sensei, at least for a moment. If you even think about leaving in this state, I'll follow you, I swear it. We have a tracker ready to follow those two - i hear him over there. How good would you say my odds of surviving are if I have to follow you by the medium of those psychopaths? And further how good the odds of this scroll being delivered if it comes to that? Ill do it anyway though, because there's only two conclusions I can draw about you in this state; that you're going to get yourself killed, or that you're.... that you're not going to fight them at all."

    She gives a nod. Grabbing the hemp of Cybele's clothing all of a sudden, she pulls aside her top garments, positioning her body slightly to obscure Cybele's figure from the boys as her professionalism takes over. She is a doctor, after all, a human body is nothing one can afford to be bashful about. Certainly not while on duty. "Dispel your stupid genjutsu and hold still while I evaluate you, Cybele." With a flash of chakra, she presses against her teacher's chest again to use her evaluation technique.

    Amon uses 1 chakra to use Iryou Ninjutsu: Iji - Shinryou Jutsu. The Diagnosis technique. Look it up for details, but with one full round action, I should be able to detrmine all her ongoing conditions including approximate health.

    "As a doctor, I must ask," Amon asks, her eyes glazed over in concentration. "Do you have any existing effects I should be aware of? Diseases, medication... bloodlines?"
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