Cybele doesn't resist since Amon threatened to follow her. She didn't know how good the tracker Amon claimed to have was, but she did know the trail was easy to follow. The jounin's clothing proves more resilient than Amon first thinks, and under it lies a chain mesh that obscures her young form. Yousuke notes that the body Cybele currently wears is almost exactly like that of Sune, and the two of them would be twins were it not for the fact that Cybele's clothing is much more conservative. Cybele doesn't dispel her genjutsu, but makes no attempt to resist until Amon attempts to perform her medical technique.

"No, wait!" But it's too late. Cybele's chakra connects with Amon's own, and the medical ninja can't force it back. An invisible poison floats on the connection between jounin and genin, and it fills Amon as if she were a cup held beneath a waterfall. Ice cold runs through Amon's veins as the jounin's poisonous chakra flows through her genin's form. It solidifies chakra pathways, damages veins, and causes Amon's entire body to unnaturally and painfully tense. Luckily the pain causes Amon to reflexively sever the connection between them, and she's saved from death.

Cybele sighs. "Don't act on your own like that. The only person that can heal me is Sune." The jounin pointedly ignores the question about diseases, medications, or bloodlines.