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Thread: Team Cybele: The Hare and the Snake

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    Leaping to his feet, Yosuke planted himself between Cybele and Amon, cleanly separating the two before the situation worsened. Why was nothing ever easy when it came to Cybele? Even helping the woman resulted in some sort of pain. "That's enough of that sensei," he says roughly.

    Grabbing Cybele by her shoulders, he continues, "You are a part of Team 4 now sensei. Whether you like it or not, you cannot just leave us when the team when we need you most. When I need you most."

    "If you are as injured as Amon says you are then you are also in no shape to be fighting." Now realizing that his sensei was without her shirt, Yousuke sharply turns away and crosses his arms, "And for decency's sake put some clothes on..."
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