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    Amon collapses, gagging from the pain and surprise as she falls on her back. She lies quite motionless for a time, struggling to try and speak before giving into silence. She struggles to breathe or even draw on her medical knowledge. What the hell was that? C-calm down, breathe, breathe.... eventually she forces her respiration into a rhythm, stabilising herself, but feeling utterly defeated. There's no joy left in her to wisecrack. She stares into the night sky, her eyes drifting lazily as she hyperventilates. She convuleses violently as she suddenly coughs up far too much blood, doing her best to just take it in her stride. She knew she was at least through the worst of it.

    Her gaze finds its way to her sensei and her expression freezes as her prone form meekly seems to slink away, quite freaked out by the events and on an instinctual level terrified of Cybele. She looks at her sensei with fear in her eyes she had before only allowed Meiling to see, her mouth flapping in useless apology. She reaches up, covering her eyes in shame, not wanting to be seen, clearly groveling as if about to crying; possibly the truth of the matter underneath that hand of hers. "I.... I... J-just go. Don't look..." She rolls over in time for another dose of coughing up blood, twitching due to her shot nerves as she holds back tears she doesn't fully understand. Why am I so afraid of her? She didn't do anything... I... i still need to heal her. She fumbles around for her bag and its contents digging out a first aid kit. I can do this at least... "S-sensei... you still need..." she sobs. "You still need to be healed."
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