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    The jounin shrinks a little, and Yousuke can see just how much smaller she is now than he. She was a full 9 centimeters shorter than her genin now, and her thin frame and small body exacerbates that difference. She just watches Amon's pain with a despondent look on her face almost as if she'd seen that exact same thing happen before. She drifts away and becomes detached almost as if she'd done this many times before. The somber look in the sky-jounin's eyes says she expects Amon to die. She simply waits through Yousuke's outburst, and watches the boy with the same detached eyes that watched Amon cough up her own blood.

    "I'm not part of your team." She finally speaks when Yousuke finishes his statement. She takes a step back at the same time to put real distance between herself and her genin. "Because I'm just a danger to you. I'm a danger to anyone who looks into these eyes." Cybele just gives Yousuke a forlorn look. She reaches out to touch him, but stops part way and just lets her hand drop. She shakes her head at the persistent medical ninja, and shrugs off Amon's attempt to heal her.

    She backs away again and makes no attempt to adjust her uniform. Her shoulders slump, and she speaks quietly. "Don't follow me. I'll just put you in danger. I'm better off alone." With that, she vanishes again. No smoke, no flashes of light, and no fanfare. Cybele is simply gone.
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