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Thread: Team Cybele: The Hare and the Snake

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    The swordsman watches Cybele disappear and seethed with anger before forcing himself to a calm, and impassively stares at the assembled genin. "It seems that I have forgotten my station." Cybele was gone and Yousuke doubted his nonexistent tracking abilities would be good enough to follow her trail. Instead, he turned toward Amon with an open handed gesture. "Give me the scroll. As you say, I am likely the fastest of the genin. I will return to Soragakure and retrieve Sune-san." He knew he had promised to protect Yukiko but that promise would have to take a backseat to the issues at hand. Cybele was certainly a skilled kunoichi but a fight against both Hinami and the mysterious 'Meiling' would be sure to result in trouble.

    "I will take a head start. When Yukiko awakens or when the hour is up, whichever comes first, escort their team to Soragakure. Fill in Houshi while I am away."
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