Amon heaves as she regains her composure, sitting up just in time to see Cybele... well, to not see her anymore. "NO, SENSEI! Don't, you can't! You can't blame yourself for my foolishness, I-" Amon coughs and splutters as she struggles to get her message to her before Cybele is out of earshot. "I-I'm sorry, I overreacted, I'm not that bad, see?"

She struggles to her feet, trying not to provoke her all encompassing wounds. "I just got surprised, okay? It was an accident. Please, please don't get yourself killed! Be careful! I don't...! I don't want the death of two teachers on my soul. I don't want to be that weak anymore..." She sniffs, wiping her tears as she prepares to bellow one last heartfelt plea. "You're more than a killer, you're our sensei and there's nothing more I want in the world than for you to return here alive! Senseeeei - glach!"

Once again, Amon collapses, exhausted and still quite disoriented from whatever Cybele's chakra did to her. As she lies in the grass and Yousuke asks for the scroll, her eyes seem to lose focus. She digs around her tool bag, retrieving the scroll and handing it to him, reaching out her other hand in the hopes that someone helps her to her feet. "She's right, we'd just get in her way..." she mutters. "Okay, get going if you're going," she instructs Yousuke simply, planting a delirious kiss on his cheek if he lifted her up.