Once on her feet, Amon staggers, her body rocking to and fro as she seeks her centre of balance; her body was used to getting a bit beaten up, but not like this. "Okay, here's what we do... if we're taking off in an hour then Yukiko will need a head start." Approaching Sojuro, she passes him a small bag of money and tries to seem authoitive even when spluttering uselessly. "Get the fastest cart you can rent and leave for Sogakure immediately. If a storm is descending, Yukiko will be further endangered."

Sitting down astride the couple to conserve her strength, she beckons Houshi to lean in so as to not strain her voice. "Cybele is going to try and kill those two. She said if she's not back within the hour, we need to leave. She gave us a scroll to deliver, which Yousuke has. She's using an illusion to make herself seem healthier than she is - she's in a bad way, beaten up and exhausted. I don't think she intends to survive, but when I tried to heal her, her chakra..." She flinches a little, just remembering the feeling being traumatic. "It feels like there's a monster inside her... my concentration lapsed and I ended up getting... 'bitten' to put it in lamen terms. I don't think I've seen anything like it." She pulls herself from a coughing fit. "How's your own wounds, did i get all of them?" she asks, feebly trying to change the subject before Houshi decided to do something stupid.