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    Before being scooped up, Amon gets halfway through giving one last instruction - "Hey, bald one, go with Yousuke, watch his back on this critical mission. That or..."

    Amon kicks a little, but feels far to weak to break free of Houshi's grasp. "H-hey, wait. C-cybele said to wait an hour. I was going to find somewhere to hide and leave a note in case she came back. Y-yousuke can retrieve backup well enough, right? We shouldn't just leave her here when we could still - blach!" she coughs up a bit more blood, more surprised than anything that she hadn't let it all up yet. "S-sorry, I think I got some on you..."

    "I don't like depending on other people... I don't like being a bother..." Despite her objections, Amon leans back in Houshi's arms, perhaps ready to pass out from all that bloodloss. "I-I'll live," she says, honestly. "Grab my poncho, i was a gift from my sister, okay...?" Looking a fair bit pale, she closes her eyes, looking fairly baby-like in Houshi's grasp. "I'm just... I'm just going to rest my eyes for a bit. Rouse me if you need anything..." God, I wish i hadn't taken that soldier pill. I can't even get bed rest like this. Despite the medicine, you swear you hear her snore lightly.
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