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[dunt fergat the garion stuff ;D]

"But...but..HPKs....err...a nice hoof to hold....montage sequence....hijinks..."
Gearstride frowned and began to woe. HPKs, serious business.
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Silverpine chewed his bottom lip a little in indecision. On one hoof, his rational mind was telling him that Sandy was probably in the right here and they shouldn't be pushing him. On the other hoof, the part of his brain that was already influenced by Gear was agreeing with her every word. A dilemma that was.

"Umm... you're really, really, really sure you don't need a special somepony in your life...?" Silverpine asked.
Sandy glanced away, stubborn in his refusal. "S-sure I'm sure. I-I don't need any of that...that romantical stuff." he said with uncharacteristic stubbornness. "I-It's just a bunch of-"

"Strictly speaking..." Sandy's eyes widened as his treacherous mouth took over. "...such interactions are unnecessary for life for all ponies. However, should the right pony enter my life, I would not find her unwelcome." Sandy looked to the three of them, chuckling sheepishly, suddenly seeming a lot less resolute than a few seconds ago. "Heh heh, heh, uh, well, I did say I didn't, uh, need a fillyfriend....heh...ohhhhh ponyfeathers."