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Back to the Bakery

Upon returning to the Bakery, Uncle Flapjack opens the front door for Snickers and Foxglove, and their new box companions.

"Huh. Well that's convenient," the older pegasus mused. "Where'd ya get 'em?"

"Oh, the griffin across the street," Snicker replied with a grin. "He's opening a new store, so he had some boxes layin' around."

Uncle Flapjack doesn't even try to hide his scowl. "A griffin? Feh."
She had gone over to the waffles and was trying to convince them of the values of the box.

"It'll be comfy, really....Or, well...Not that bad. It's only until you're somewhere safe."

There was not much actual assurance she could give there, really. They were shoving them in boxes, after all.