About the Lager
The Lager is the best alcoholic drink you have ever tasted. It's taste is unlike anything you have ever drank. It's almost as if you were drinking... a nice juicy roast, it tastes that good. And most alcohol doesn't affect Garou that well. Their metabolism is much too high. This stuff, you feel a buzz coming over you after the second drink.

The bartender carefully pours a glass for himself, and has a sip while listening to Jason. After thinking for a moment, he looks him in the eye and says "Sometimes you can't see the whole picture unless you have all the angles. The way I see it, you can either tell these two what brings YOU two down to the city, and maybe they can help you figure out why it is you're here. Or maybe the four of you need to go back where you two came from a few minutes ago, and talk to Boar. He isn't afraid to help his children, even in this neck of the city."