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"Yeah. I'll send Sugar too." Grills floated a toque onto his head. His nose and horn flared as he grabbed control of some forks. One night, he had to cook away three disappointment. "Gwynfillion, maybe you should go home and give a certain somepony a bath."

"Right, perhaps I should,"
Gwynfillion said softly and put on a small smile. She turned to Garion. "Say good bye to Miss Chilly Garion."

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Silverpine chewed his bottom lip a little in indecision. On one hoof, his rational mind was telling him that Sandy was probably in the right here and they shouldn't be pushing him. On the other hoof, the part of his brain that was already influenced by Gear was agreeing with her every word. A dilemma that was.

"Umm... you're really, really, really sure you don't need a special somepony in your life...?" Silverpine asked.

"Come on Sandy, please....just let us do this, for you, and if it doesn't work out, we'll never bother you to get a fillyfriend ever again,"
She melodramatically threw herself at his leg, hoping this act would persuade him over. "You never know, it could be fun."