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    Quote Originally Posted by TheAmishPirate View Post
    In much higher spirits, Garion waved to the older mare. "Goodbye Grandma Chilly! See you later!"
    Chilly spoke in her normal slightly raspy older lady voice. No hints and suggestions hidden in her works.
    "Goodbye dearest. Goodbye Gwynfillion. I will see you both another time."
    "Bye, little man." Red said he was the only other Pepper there. Orange and Yellow had snuck out to serve food as Grills was occupied.

    The colt bounded over to his other caretaker and gave him a squeezing hug. "See you tonight, Mister Grills. Your restaurant is a lot of fun!"
    Grills was taken with shock and discomfort by the hugging colt. So much affection by foals gave him a sense of weirdness. Even when Purple did it years ago. At least Garion was cleaner in ratio to that one. "See you later, Garion. I will bring home dinner." He smiled at Garion. It was push passed the nervousness with force. The one he then gave Gwynfillion was less forced and more worrisome and more pained. His ribs were acting up.
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