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"Yeah, it's secret. Please don't tell anypony." she says, and seems to be entirely serious about it. Spark really better not tell anypony it seems.

"Hauh? Of course, my lips are sealed,"
He made the motion of zipping his lips and nodded his head vigorous. He then stopped and laughed because he knew he looked silly.

Fox Trot

Oh boy....what a lame night. The mocha stallion did not sleep well and found himself plagued with bad dreams again. Why couldn't he just be honest and tell Icy about the letter, she had the right to know. But he was big chicken, too scared, a coward. And to top it all off, his coffee maker had broken too. Now he couldn't even warm up his food using the heating plate, let alone make coffee. Curses. no stove, and no coffee maker, curse it all. he should have bought that microwave when it was sale four months ago. Curse it all.

Fox Trot found himself walking the streets in the early afternoon, feeling a little miserable, stressed out, he would have loved it if Soft's bar was still opened, he could have used a root beer, heck, maybe even a soft serve, but alas. Twas during his sulky walk his eyes caught sight of a large red banner with an eye catching gold lettering of 'we're open'. Wasn't this the old building that was Soft's Bar......now it read as Greif's Cafe. His curiosity over powered his brooding as he decided to check it out. If he was lucky, he might be able to get a good root beer or something here. He walked inside.

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Grills was taken with shock and discomfort by the hugging colt. So much affection by foals gave him a sense of weirdness. Even when Purple did it years ago. At least Garion was cleaner in ratio to that one. "See you later, Garion. I will bring home dinner." He smiled at Garion. It was push passed the nervousness with force. The one he then gave Gwynfillion was less forced and more worrisome and more pained. His ribs were acting up.

Gwynfillion frowned, she glanced at the others. "Uhm if you could gives us moment please?" She gestured for Grills to find someplace private they cpuld talk.