Homebrew Class: The Witch

This is of course not finished and you can't legally copy-paste the content of the 5th Edition playtest. But being disatisfied with the wizard, sorcerer, and warlock classes, I came up with my own idea to combine aspects of these three classes.
And it's actually quite interesting:

  • Basic Statistics are based on the wizard class.
  • Witches have cantrips like all arcane spellcasters, which is two level 0 spells that can be used without limits.
  • Witches gain training in one Knowledge skill: Ancient Lore, Magical Lore, Natural Lore, or Spirit Lore.
  • Witches use the power-point based spellcasting of sorcerers. However, they get as many spells known and the maximum spell level from the 3.5e psion class. Spell-points are calculated to emulate the spells per day of the wizard.
  • Witches also have a grimoire, which is based on the Ritual Magic ability of the warlock. It's a book that holds spells that the witch does not have as one of the spells known, and that have a ritual version. The ritual version of certain spells allows the spell to be cast without having it prepared or known, and instead require expensive material components and 1 minute casting time.
  • Witches use the wizard spell list.

In the current playtests, the sorcerer is much more like a psychic warrior or dragon disciple. However, I want a wizard who uses spell points instead of spell slots, and taking sorcerer spellcasting on wizard class features seems like the way to go.
The Ritual Magic of the Warlock is just a very sweet bonus. I've been thinking of something like that for years, but when the 5th Edition PHB already comes with ritual versions for all spells that can use it, that makes everything a lot easier.
Ritual spells are stuff like alarm spells and divinations, which one may use once in a while but are really not worth it to take as one of the spells known as a sorcerer.
And I think grimoires are awesome pieces of treasure. When you lose one or get your stolen, it's not a big problem, because it doesn't affect your normal spells that you can cast on the fly. It'll be expensive to get a new one and some of the most rare spells might be quite difficult to find a new copy for. But when you can steal one, it's really cool treasure. You even can have quests to steal the grimoire of a villain to get the counterspell to one of his magical weapons.