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Actually they are medium
No they aren't! :P

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It seems to me that this limited Animal Companion from few 'coming from' choices is really weak and mostly a trouble instead of interesting ability, really....
Eh, it's moreso somewhat unbalanced. At level 1 it is too strong, but at higher levels way too weak. It does add a bit of bookkeeping, I suppose... what would you put there instead?

Also, Jotun seem to be a bit 'half-orcish' - they are pretty much bigger dwarves, with maybe slightly more potent bloodlines, but without 344 of other abilities. Kinda like Dwarf-Half Orc situation from in Core.
Hm, maybe I should remove the dwarves' powerful build then? I don't agree with the Jotun being 'half-orcish' in that sense, since the half-orcs are a weak and uninteresting race, mechanically, which the Jotun definitely aren't.