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    Default Re: Humans, Dwarves and Jotun, oh my! [Ymaggion Races, PEACH]

    I removed the Rural human's animal companion because yeah, at level 1 getting a riding dog was too much, and after that, who cares?

    I replaced it with natural Wild Empathy. The bloodline abilities really shouldn't be too overwhelming, just a small unique bonus that carries a certain flavor.

    As far as Dwarves being Small: with Powerful Build, this basically becomes "Dwarves are Medium creatures who get a +1 bonus to armor class, a +1 bonus to attack rolls, and a +4 bonus to Hide checks." It is all of the advantages with almost literally none of the drawbacks - the only one I can think of is not getting additional reach with Enlarge Person. Why not just let them stay Medium? Medium creatures with Powerful Build get a pass because Large size creatures aren't usually available as player options and take up more space, I always thought, so it was a way of being Large without actually gaining the reach and size.