"Well, I was going to wait a bit because this can be a while, but if you insist. Can I get a soda, because I think I may have to be the driver here later on? All right."

Jason scoots the stool a bit closer to the other two, taking a slight sip of his drink to wet his throat. He begins the tale, his voice as if he's reciting an old legend.

"It was in the time of the gibbous moon that the Bone Gnawer Ragabash went missing, leaving his kith and kin worried for his safety. The meeting that was to have happened had already come and gone, but the return of Ragabash to the pack had not happened as it should have. Deep Fang, the alpha of the pack, gathered his charges together and began the search. Hour Tales used his eye in the sky to look down upon the urban meadow, and saw what had been there months ago. He saw where others could be, and where. The Boar appeared to them as they left, and said that there would be great danger and would need everyone if they were to succeed. Filled with conviction and concern both, the pack left for where they knew Ragabash had been last.

They arrived in the meadow and saw the storm clouds begin to gather. Filled with apprehension, for they had not heard of any storm's coming, the pack began their hunt. Softpaws and Trashcan changed their skins and searched for their packmate's scent, while the Alpha and Hour Tales consulted the eye once more. There was a place where the young of the humans played, and there were many of their caerns around, so Hour Tales suggested that they begin their search around there. The Alpha agreed and sent the two hunters on their way.

It was Soft Paws that raced back only minutes later, informing the Alpha that the stench of the Wyrm was there in the meadow and that it was if all of the living things in the aread seemed as if they had just vanished.

Soft Paws then saw behind her packmates a reason for the stench, the white fur and pink-red eyes of a squirrel. The squirrel was sitting on top of their vehicle, snarling at them. The Alpha changed his skin when he saw it, growing slightly in size and strength, followed by Hour Tales.

The beast leaped at the Alpha, claws and teeth flashing. The battle continued for seconds until Softpaws bit deeply into the body of the squirrel. The Alpha, body hurting slightly from the evil biting and scratching, called for a search for the source of the squirrel, feeling that they may have been responsible for the disappearance of his packmate.

The pack found them only feet away: resting on the branches of the trees, looking down upon them. Hour Tales climbed the tree to knock them down, was set upon by them, falling to the ground, the swarm upon him. The pack set upon the swarm and killed them, saving their hurt packmate before he could be hurt too much.

A new scent then filled the air, one that the pack could not remember smelling before. They followed it into the trees and saw the alcove. Standing on top of blue flames was a robed man, chanting and gesticulating."
Hour Tales chants a few of the words that he remembers and says a few more nonsense words to help with his storytelling.

"Lightning bolts rose around him as he stood over the bodies of humans. The pack could not tell if they were alive or dead, but it did not matter at the time. The pack could feel the unease of something unnatural in the air as the man continued chanting. Softpaws and Hour Tales charged at him, their Alpha following closely behind. They were stopped feet away from the robed man by a barrier that they could not see.'This will not do! "The robed man said with a gesture, throwing Hour Tales and Softpaws into the Umbra. The two looked around but could see no other sign of their packmates. They looked around the city they were now in and saw the sign of the Boar. Heading their, large spiders on their trail, they returned to the normal world."

Jason takes a drink out of the glass in front of him, breathing a slight sigh of relief that the tale has been told.