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Garion hesitantly let go and looked to the plum pony in confusion. "Is something wrong, Miss Gwyn?" The little colt found himself gravitating towards both his caretaker and Grandma Chilly. He lingered between them, unsure of who he should go with.

"Uh, nothing, just something I need to talk with Mister Grills about,"
She said hoof waved it ad directed him to stay before following after Grills.
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Grills nodded and gestured for the rest of the pony chefs to continue working. Then the master chef trotted to the table just outside the kitchen.
The business can slowed enough for them to talk out their but be cover by surface conversation. "Sugarplum?"

"Sweetheart....what's wrong? You do not look up to shape....are you over working you body?"
She questioned him sternly but in concern.