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    Default Re: 64 Times the Harvesting: Let's Play Harvest Moon 64

    Oooh, hold on now, Deme. The author/reader contract clearly states that all names that are not pre-written down are picked by fan votes. Besides, Goddess is what she is, not a name. Like calling Fox, Man.

    Therefore, I propose naming her... Harvest Moon!
    Seems a good opportunity to use the title of the game, maybe?

    Anywho, Miss Moon can get surprsingly snippy. I expected a bit better people skills from someone who is likely thousands of years old. Fox left his dad in order to escape his controlling ways. Telling Fox that he needs to marry just like that strikes me as something Fox's dad would also have tried. Could be wrong but I can imagine that father trying to arrange dates with "respectable" women from high class families.

    Also, saying that she will find a new cute follower is an obvious lie. If there was anyone else in town that could be her follower, she would have gotten their help by now. I'd have liked Fox to call her out for that particular statement. Bad form Miss Harvest Moon, bad form.

    My favorite bit was Ann again. Who knew she could bake something other then mashed potatoes? Then she comes again the next day to check up on Fox's HORSE! Suure, Ann. :P

    The sick scenes were a surprise. Interesting too. Last HM game I played was Tree of Tranquillity (god, so many loading screens for a game without really high end graphics) and it's weird but I think this game has a lot more characterization of the girls then that game did. I don't understand why that would be. The people interactions are the primary story, in my mind. It's all about building relationships, right?

    What causes the sickness anyway? You just need to get a girl to green heart and wait for rain? I assume we will get a scene for all the girls? I like how you saved meeting the mother until this point. We have heard quite a lot about how the mother is depressed and this scene really gets it home that, yep, she is not a happy wife. She's the most depressed looking person I have met so far in this game.

    Good job! Another fun read.

    PS. I was thinking about your getting 2 days worth of game erased and that gave me a story idea. Since the last time I had an awesome idea you said you couldn't use it because it was spoiled, I will put it in spoiler quotes this time.
    It might be fun to have Fox have to redo a day, over and over again. Just keep resetting to the previous day and he is stuck in an eternal loop until he can figure out why (possibly because the Miss Moon was bored?) and move on. I think it could be fun to have an entire update consist of doing the same day (or two days, heh) multiple times.
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