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"Come on Sandy, please....just let us do this, for you, and if it doesn't work out, we'll never bother you to get a fillyfriend ever again,"
She melodramatically threw herself at his leg, hoping this act would persuade him over. "You never know, it could be fun."
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Sandy glanced away, stubborn in his refusal. "S-sure I'm sure. I-I don't need any of that...that romantical stuff." he said with uncharacteristic stubbornness. "I-It's just a bunch of-"

"Strictly speaking..." Sandy's eyes widened as his treacherous mouth took over. "...such interactions are unnecessary for life for all ponies. However, should the right pony enter my life, I would not find her unwelcome." Sandy looked to the three of them, chuckling sheepishly, suddenly seeming a lot less resolute than a few seconds ago. "Heh heh, heh, uh, well, I did say I didn't, uh, need a fillyfriend....heh...ohhhhh ponyfeathers."
"So... you wouldn't turn away a potential eh...?" Silverpine said slowly with a smile.